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Membership & Open Studio Policies & Handbook

Before your first visit to our studio as a member, please read our studio policies and fill out the Studio Use Agreement.

Studio Use Agreement

Please fill out the following form before starting your membership or multi-week class. 
Have you read and agree to adhere to the Studio Policies Handbook below?

Thanks for submitting!

Welcome to Kilnfolk Studio! The following handbook and policies are for the safety of you, our staff, and the working artists in the studio. The policies also help to create a positive working atmosphere for our community.


To participate in studio activities, you must sign the studio use waiver above and will be held accountable for practicing the policies set forth in this booklet.


Those not adhering to the policies may be asked to leave the studio for the day or permanently without refund. Please read carefully and see our website for the most up-to-date version of this handbook. 

Open Studio STUDIO HOURS: 11:00am-6:00pm Tuesday - Saturday

Studio Membership Requirements

  • Must be able to work independently without aid or belong to a current multi-week class and be able to maintain clean and safe studio practices.  

  • Must adhere to the guidelines set below. 

Studio Access & Liability 

  • Members can access the studio during open hours. Studio hours may change from time to time but are generally 11-6 Tuesday-Saturday and Wednesdays from 11-8pm.

  • All clay must be purchased from the studio to guarantee safety in firing unless permission is given by studio manager. Porcelains and red clays are not allowed unless you want to transport your own reclaim buckets to and from the studio, and as long as you clean really well and don’t mix clay with ours. Use of your own clay must be approved by Kilnfolk prior to use.  

  • Members are allowed 4 cubic feet of kiln space per month. Any extra firings will cost extra.

  • Studio members assume all responsibility for any damages and/or loss incurred during, or as a direct result of, their use of the space. 

  • Only registered students and active studio members may use the studio and equipment. Members are not permitted to host their own classes or private lessons in the studio. A teaching fee will be billed if necessary. 

  • Safety guidelines are in place to protect all members, staff, and visitors. See ‘Health & Safety’ section for more information. Kilnfolk Studio is not responsible for any accidents or incidents resulting from improper and/or unsafe use of the studio. 

  • Kilnfolk Studio is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items. Please be sure you check all areas of the studio where you may have worked before leaving for the day. 

  • Kilnfolk Studio, and any staff operating on their behalf, are not responsible for watching children, pets, or guests, or for accidents of any kind unless prior arrangements have been made for childcare. Children under the age of 7 may not use the potter’s wheels. 

  • Kilnfolk will dispose of your work if it is not cleaned out of your cubby at the time of your membership or classes expiration date for any reason. Kilnfolk is not responsible for promises made by employees or other members to safeguard these items if your membership has lapsed. It is your sole responsibility to make sure your space is cleaned out so that Kilnfolk can offer the space to the next round of students/members.


Our Community Studio Atmosphere  

  • Any disrespect, harm, or harassment to Kilnfolk Studio staff, instructors, employees, interns, studio members, students, etc. is not acceptable or tolerated. Kilnfolk Studio has the right to refuse access to any person(s) at any time. 

  • Please respect all artists of the studio. Do not disrupt them while they are working, use their tools, or touch their work/possessions without their permission. 

  • Please be respectful of instructors and studio staff that may be working on personal projects during their free time. If you have questions or need assistance during this time, please approach the on-duty staff member.

  • Please be courteous and accommodating of any classes taking place in the studio. If a staff member asks you to clean up your work area to prepare for a class, please do so quickly and efficiently. Do not disturb instructors or students and try to keep noise to a minimum. Students enrolled in classes shall have the instructor’s full attention. 

  • No shouting or yelling in the studio. 

  • No smoking of any kind in the studio or within 10 yards of premises. 

  • Please practice cell phone courtesy when in the studio and take any phone conversations outside. 

  • The studio promotes the sharing of best practices and an overall community appreciation of ceramic work. Please be respectful of intellectual property and do not photograph or otherwise appropriate any work, procedures, methods, or likewise of any studio members, staff, or guests. 

  • If you have special needs for you or your work please communicate this clearly to staff ahead of time. A conversation along with a written note and/or email will assist in the working relationship of the studio. 

  • In the case that human error or a ceramic error happens, please be considerate to staff and fellow artists. Kilnfolk Studio staff work very hard to provide the most professional studio atmosphere possible. Staff are willing to discuss these situations in a professional manner. Hostile, accusatory communication is not acceptable.

  • In the event that staff, members, and/or students break or damage any personal property, including ceramic work, they must leave a note for the owner. 

  • Please do not create a negative environment for other people in the space. Staff have the right to ask any person to leave if they are negatively affecting the studio environment and/or safety. 


General Cleaning Guidelines 

  • This is a wet cleaning studio and all members and students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in accordance with the following guidelines. 

  • Common areas such as the glaze station, wedging tables, sink area, etc. must be wiped down and cleaned with fresh water immediately after use. 

  • Do not let clay dry out on surfaces-- always clean up your wedging or work area right away with water and a sponge. 

  • Do not let large amounts of water sit on table tops and other wood surfaces as it will warp the wood. 

  • Beware and limit any studio actions that create dust, as liberation of airborne particles is hazardous to all of our health. Sweeping of trimmings is allowed but must be done slowly and carefully with the large squeegee to avoid kicking up dust. 

  • When finished using a wheel, ensure that it has been switched off before following posted cleaning instructions. 

  • Wash all community tools, buckets, bats (including the rims), wareboards, etc. and put away prior to leaving.

  • Check your throwing buckets for any tools before dumping it into the reclaim bins/sink. 

  • When cleaning glaze material, please only use the bucket on the right side of the sink. 

  • Glaze tools such as whisks, spatulas, and tongs, must be thoroughly cleaned between glazes and after use. Contamination between glaze buckets can ruin an entire batch of glaze and disrupt use for other artists in the studio. If a glaze batch is ruined as a result of improper use, artists may be charged for the materials and the time it takes to replace it. 

  • There is ABSOLUTELY no clay or glaze material to be washed in the bathroom sink. Use the studio clay sink in the community area for filling buckets, cleaning, and anything clay/glaze-related. Wash any clay/glaze from your hands before entering the bathroom.

  • Final cleaning is to be done using fresh water and a clean sponge. Using dirty sponges can lead to the spreading of thinner layers of clay-water which evaporate and leave dust. 

  • Please dispose of trash and recycling in the appropriate cans. 

  • Follow all posted signage. If you are unsure of any clean-up procedures, please ask a member of staff. 

  • A fee may be charged to cover any mess left behind, damage, or loss resulting from improper studio use. 

Tools, Shelves & Storage 

  • Members and students are responsible for providing their own tools if they require something the studio doesn’t have. All provided equipment and community tools are shared among the studio and should be looked after, cleaned, and returned after use. 

  • Members are assigned one 2x2x1’  cubby. All work and personal studio items are to be stored on your shelf space, including any greenware not yet ready for the bisque shelves. Nothing is to be stored in general studio areas or on top shelves. 

  • Members/students working on large-scale work will need to provide their own cart for transporting work if they are unable to move it unaided by others.

Handling of Clay and Glaze Materials 

  • Do not eat or drink in the glaze area. 

  • Only wet sanding is permitted indoors. Please take all dry sanding outside away from the windows. 

  • All outside materials including glazes, etc must be approved by studio staff for proper use and storage. Clay must be purchased at the studio to ensure safe reclaim and firing practices.

  • Dry glaze materials are off-limits to members and students without prior arrangement or unless your instructor is present, and you are working on a class project. 

  • There is no use of plaster without prior arrangements unless it is during a supervised class. 

  • When authorized and working with dry materials a respirator with a P100 filter is required. 

  • When working with wet glazes and stains, rubber gloves are recommended as some colorants can be absorbed through the skin. Please be sure to clean hands thoroughly before using other parts of the studio.

  • Paint-your-own pottery glazes and brushes are off-limits to members.

Kilns & Firing 

  • Never open, touch, or unload any kilns without the permission of Kilnfolk Studio. 

  • Firing schedules are subject to change according to the quantity of work that is ready to fire and the overall happenings of Kilnfolk Studio. 

  • Kilnfolk Studio staff strives to move all work through the kilns in a timely manner, but it is not our responsibility to track your individual pieces. 

  • Cracks and defects in greenware and glazed pieces will not be loaded into the kilns. Defective pots will be returned to your shelf with an accompanying note. 

  • No-name pieces without an appropriate firing slip or signature will not be fired. 

  • Do not store work that is visibly wet, or not ready for firing, on the bisque/glaze racks. We cannot be held responsible for damage to this work. 

  • Staff will throw out work not removed from the bisque, glaze, and ready racks monthly. Please watch for emails and signs announcing throw-out dates. 

  • Please be aware that kiln firings can have unpredictable results and, as such, we cannot guarantee the final product. Damage and/or unwanted results during the entire loading, firing, and unloading process are not the responsibility of the studio. 

  • If it is determined that a member’s piece is the cause of any damage to the kilns, shelves, or any other kiln furniture, that member may be charged for the replacement of the items and/or the time it takes to clean them. 

Membership & Firing Costs 

  • All memberships and access are provided on a trial basis. Kilnfolk Studio staff may ask an artist not performing at the applied level of expectation to enroll in-studio classes if needed. 

  • Membership is charged monthly and a minimum three month commitment is required.

  • Firing fees are calculated by the cubic foot or by weight. 

  • Payment will be considered late at noon the day after the listed due date. A 5% late fee will be added to any invoice not paid after this time. 

  • Memberships & multi-month bundles are non-refundable. 

  • Notice of non-renewal for monthly memberships requires 21 days' notice. Notice is to be delivered by email or in writing. Monthly membership will otherwise automatically renew on the 1st of the month. 

  • In the event of membership cancellation, shelves are to be fully cleaned down, and belongings collected before closing on the last day of membership. If unable to clear off shelves in time, please contact a staff member who can assist. Shelf cleaning fee and day rates may apply to any days that belongings remain in the studio. 

  • Members who do not adhere to the guidelines set out in the handbook may, at any time, be asked to leave or have their membership discontinued, without a refund. 

Health and Safety Rules 

  • Do not eat in the glaze area. 

  • Do not touch the kilns. 

  • Do not run in the studio. 

  • Silica dust is extremely dangerous. All measures possible should be taken to minimize the creation of excess clay dust throughout the studio. 

  • All dry sanding is to be done outside away from windows. 

  • Spills must be cleaned up immediately and staff must be informed of any accidents that could be unsafe.

  • When applying stain and sponging off it is wise to wear rubber gloves. Some stains may be absorbed through the skin and the amount of colorant in stains is a much higher percentage than glaze. Copper, manganese dioxide, and other colorants may be absorbed through the skin with prolonged exposure. 

  • Glaze can be an eye irritant. Wear goggles/protective glasses. If you get a glaze in your eyes, find a member of staff or first aid kit for saline rinse. A first aid kit is available behind the front desk. 

  • Proper attire, including closed-toed shoes, eye protection (reading glasses are not acceptable), dust masks, and rubber/work gloves must be worn when working on certain projects or when working in certain areas of the studio. The studio is not responsible for supplying these items. 

  • No smoking of any kind in the studio or within 20 feet of premises. 

  • Non-Studio Glazes / Purchased Commercial Glaze: Must be approved by studio staff prior to using and stored in a personal cubby or taken home each day. 

  • Use of Glaze Materials / Mixing of Stains / Mixing of Glaze: Must be approved/done by studio staff. 


Kilnfolk Studio adheres to all applicable federal, state and local anti-discrimination and harassment laws and regulations. Kilnfolk Studio staff, contractors, vendors, visitors, members and the like are entitled to work or visit an environment free from sexual harassment and a hostile or offensive environment. We recognize sexual harassment as unlawful discrimination, just as conduct that belittles or demeans any individual on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual preference, age, disability, or other similar characteristics or circumstances. 


Kilnfolk Studio is committed fully to complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable federal, state, and local laws. Reasonable accommodation is available to any studio student, member and/or resident artist with a disability when the disability affects the ability to participate in a class or to create work in the studio.


If you are currently disabled or become disabled, please contact Kilnfolk Studio Staff to assist you with evaluating reasonable accommodations that may enable you to participate fully in the studio. Staff may require a physician’s note covering any restrictions to ensure that proposed reasonable accommodations meet your needs. 


Members/students shall, at their sole cost and expense, comply with all of the requirements of all municipal, state and federal authorities hereafter adopted pertaining to the use of said premises, and shall faithfully observe in said use all municipal ordinances and state and federal statutes now in force or which shall hereinafter be in force.


The judgment of any court of competent jurisdiction, or the admission of the member/student in any action or proceeding against the member/student, whether Kilnfolk Studio is a party thereto or not, that the member/student has violated any such order or statute in said use, shall be conclusive of that fact as between the ceramic studio and the member/student. If a member/student fails to comply with the provisions of this paragraph, the member/student shall, at the option of Kilnfolk Studio, be asked to terminate classes, remove their belongings, and vacate the premises. 


Kilnfolk Studio and Kilnfolk Studio staff shall not be liable at any time for any loss, damage, or injury to the property or person of any whomsoever at any time occasioned by or arising out of any act or omission of the member/student or the occupancy or use of the premises, or directly or indirectly for any state or condition of the premises unless such liability is the result of any act or omission on the part of Kilnfolk Studio.


In the event that Kilnfolk Studio is named as a party to any litigation as a result of the sole act of the member/student or the sole act of any person coming on the premises for the benefit of seeing the member/student, then the member/student shall provide to Kilnfolk Studio at the member/student’s expense a complete defense to the action so filed and Kilnfolk Studio in the event that the member/student does not provide such defense shall be authorized to employ attorneys of Kilnfolk Studios choice and the member/student shall be liable to Kilnfolk Studio for the costs of such legal representation. Kilnfolk Studio shall be liable and responsible for its own acts and omissions and to such extent this indemnification. 

No guarantee is offered, explicit or implied, regarding the quality or serviceability of fired work. Every precaution will be taken to ensure the best possible outcome for every firing. Use of the studio indicates you agree that you will not hold the studio, it’s volunteers, or any other person associated with the studio responsible for work that is damaged or defective in any way while in the studio at any stage of the process.
While working with clay is relatively safe, there are hazards and risks. These risks include the possibility of injuries or illness related to the use of the studio, materials, or equipment. Use of the studio indicates you agree that you have been informed of the risks and have signed the Kilnfolk waiver.


The studio is monitored by security cameras 24/7 to ensure the safety and well-being of all members, students, staff, visitors, and equipment. 

Please note, the policies and guidelines outlined in this handbook are subject to change. The most current version of the handbook will be available on our website at all times. Any changes to the handbook will go into effect immediately following posting. Larger updates will also be communicated via email. Thank you for helping us create a fun and positive environment in our studio space!

​Updated May 30, 2023

Studio Policies
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