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Pottery Painting

Walk in during business hours to paint your own ready-made pottery.

No reservations needed! 


Kilnfolk Clay Studio is the perfect place to get creative with pottery painting!


Located in downtown Vancouver, WA, we offer a large selection of pottery pieces for all ages. No reservation needed, just visit the studio during business hours and get creating, whether you are with your friends, your kids, or on a date!


Our kid-friendly studio is the perfect place to spend quality time with your family, while creating personalized gifts for any occasion.


Come enjoy our bright and plant-filled studio, bring snacks or grab a coffee on the way, and get painting today!


Pottery Painting FAQs

How much does it cost?

Our ready-made pottery pieces cost $24 on average. We have pieces like cake toppers that are $7 and large serving platters that are $100, and everything in between!  Prices are listed on the bottom of each piece and are all-inclusive - no studio fees here! 

Do I need to reserve a table?

Reservations are not required for groups of 6 or under. Just visit our studio during opening hours and get painting!

Do you do parties or events?

Yes! A group of 7 or more is considered a party and must be booked in advance for a 2-hour block. You are welcome to bring gifts, food, and drinks. Parties that take place during opening hours are $40 and parties that take place after hours are $80. Parties after hours are available for booking before 11am on most days and after 6pm on most days.

Can I bring my own food/drink?

Yes! Bring your own snacks and drinks - or even better, get food or coffee from one of our neighboring restaurants! Please keep in mind that greasy fingers can leave residue on pottery that will repel glaze and potentially ruin your design, so be cautious!  

When will my piece be ready for pick up?

Pieces will be ready in approximately 1- 3 weeks. We will email you when your piece/pieces are ready for pick up. 

Is there a minimum age requirement?

If your little one can keep the paint out of their mouth, they can paint pottery! In our experience, any younger than 2 years old gets tricky. Our studio is family-friendly, including a kids' room with toys and TV, a rocking chair, a high chair, and changing table, which are all available for those who need them! 

A few examples of our ready-to-paint pieces . . .

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