Your friendly neighborhood pottery studio for all ages and skill levels.
Come clay with us in Downtown Vancouver, Washington!
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kiln·folk /ˈkilnfōk/ noun  

A group of people related by a love of all things pottery.

Kilnfolk is bringing the world of ceramics into a family-friendly setting. With skilled teachers and a wide variety of class offerings, we can accommodate all skill levels, whether you have never touched clay or are a seasoned potter.

Come visit the shop to paint pottery, play with a lump of clay, or shop local art during business hours. Our space is set up to host parties and celebrations, which can be reserved in advance. The bright natural light and abundance of plants make the perfect backdrop for creativity. 


Bring the kids, bring a date, or bring your group of friends. We hope to provide a space in the community that brings neighbors together in an atmosphere that inspires and brings joy.