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The Kilnfolk Team

Get to know the people who keep our studio running. 



Studio Owner

After a college course in ceramics Faith added to her ten-year plan "open a ceramics studio" - and here we are! 

On a day off you can find her enjoying her patio with a good drink in hand, a great podcast playing, and a salty snack.

Her superpower: Not afraid of big ideas and taking risks.

Her favorite thing about teaching pottery: Getting to know this amazing community of artists!



Studio Manager & Instructor

When her kids started school Sara started college courses, and as a college art requirement enrolled in ceramics. It quickly became an obsession, and lead fatefully to teaching, which had been a dream of hers as a kid. 

Sara describes herself as a homebody. When she isn't at the studio, she is usually soaking up family time with her kids. 

Her superpower: making people feel at ease & movie quotes

Her favorite thing about teaching: seeing the joy in her student's faces when they find their confidence in creating something.



Pottery Instructor

Clay has always been one of KK’s favorite mediums. Like many people, she played with clay in high school and loved it. A couple of years ago she decided to pick it back up, and claims it has been an “ongoing ADHD deep-dive” ever since! 


When she isn’t throwing down to 80’s synth-pop, KK is enjoying time with her little one. 


Her superpower is problem-solving and bringing incredible characters to life in clay. 


Her favorite thing about teaching: the excitement of creation and troubleshooting to help students build on their skills.

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Marketing & Design

As a graphic designer, Joelle didn't have experience in pottery until starting at Kilnfolk when they opened. By the grace of the amazing instructors, she has found an amazing new hobby (a.k.a. obsession). 

When she isn't making the studio look cool online and in print, Joelle can be found in her garden with her little ones and her goofy dog. 

Her superpower: finding the beauty in things & remembering song lyrics

Her favorite thing about the studio: the constant reminder of how uniquely creative everyone is! 

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Paint Your Own Pottery Studio Tech

Kate is our expert in all things paint your own pottery! She keeps things running smoothly from the inventory through the kiln process. 

In high school, a favorite teacher encouraged her to try hand-building, and it quickly became a place of peace for Kate. Since then she has continued learning the art of pottery and is also a talented printmaker.

When she isn't at the studio Kate loves to get outside, and create - she especially loves drawing. 

Her superpower: organization and perfect handwriting.  

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